Then Geothermal Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water Generation is the answer!

INSTALLATION:  Geothermal systems can be installed in new construction residences or commercial buildings, as well as retrofitted into existing homes and businesses.  Horizontal closed loop systems are the norm in California, especially when you have open land on your property.  Vertical closed loop systems can also be used when you have a small lot, but the typical installation costs are greater.

BENEFITS:  Energy savings, cost savings, and environmental protection. The system would not only heat and cool your home, but simultaneously generate hot water for the home, pool, or radiant floor heating.  Personal comfort can be assured by multiple zones per system or multiple systems.

COSTS:  The upfront installation cost of a Geothermal system is more than a conventional forced air heating and cooling system.  However, this must be offset with the lifetime cost savings of up to 80% of what you currently pay for utilities each month.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY TAX SAVINGS:  The Federal government currently offers a 30% tax credit with no limit cap.  This credit extends to a hot water generation system and/or a Hydronics systems, if they are installed at the same time.

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